Due to a sluggish January, South Suburban Mitsubishi is loaded with over 250 new Mitsubishi vehicles of all models with an additional 100 or more to arrive soon at Monee Mitsubishi. In order for South Suburban Mitsubishi in Monee to wipe their stock clean, your Monee Mitsubishi dealer is bringing the best sale to Mitsubishi Chicago and its surrounding areas!

“We’re so overstocked right now, we have no more lot space to store these new Mitsubishi vehicles,” stated Mitsubishi Chicago owner, Jim Revell. “We have to eliminate close to 100 vehicles in the next 30 days no matter what.”

South Suburban Mitsubishi will hold nothing back during February by offering it all to consumers…0% financing for 60 months, all factory rebates, huge dealer discounts, excessive trade-in allowances, auto show bonus cash and more. This clearance is massive at your Monee Mitsubishi dealer – Don’t miss it! 

Visit Mitsubishi Chicago online to view all new Mitsubishi vehicles before coming in for a test drive. 

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